Creating a Facebook Carousel

How to build a Carousel for Facebook in Messenger

Why use Facebook Carousels:

  • Present additional information to your audience in a horizontal format

  • Redirect your audience to points of interest within a Dialogue.

Facebook Carousels are created within Conversation Nodes

Begin by clicking the settings icon. Given the Carousel replaces message text, there is no need to enter anything here.

Select "Make message a Facebook Carousel"

🔔 NOTE: You now have ONE item in your carousel, to add more, and horizontally present information to users, select "ADD ITEM"

  • Item 1 title: The title Facebook messenger users can see

  • Subtitle: A brief description available to your audience

  • By changing "No default action" to "Wed URL" users may follow this link. This is optional.

  • You may attach an image by selecting the image icon. All images will first need to be uploaded to your account click here to find out more.

  • You may add buttons to your Carousel that act as links to web URLs or redirect your user to different points in the conversation ("Traversal"). A Traversal will link to another conversation node within your dialogue.

Scroll horizontally to view the items in your Carousel.

Here is the view of a traversal button in a Carousel.

Here is the view of a Web URL in a Carousel.