0.6.5 (build #065002)

Some style tweaks and plenty of bugs fixed!


  • [IRIS-2312] - Proxy Partial Mapping


  • [IRIS-2430] - Change placeholder text on the login screen

  • [IRIS-2432] - New button on Dialogue screen

  • [IRIS-2506] - New Dialogue summary dropdown menus

  • [IRIS-2559] - Dialogue editor - trim spaces


  • [IRIS-2512] - Dialogue not displaying in UI

  • [IRIS-2524] - Hydrator is able to partially hydrate a foreign graph.

  • [IRIS-2531] - Timeout on big graphs

  • [IRIS-2560] - https://iris-prod.proxima.io/ takes you to old theme

  • [IRIS-2584] - In the graph frontend it is possible to cause two reconciliations at the same time

  • [IRIS-2609] - Front end uses a timeout of 5 seconds when talking to graph services which take longer than that to respond

  • [IRIS-2611] - Conversation Engine Index Stop Buttons Don't Stop Dialogues

  • [IRIS-2615] - Reset Password Form is Hidden

  • [IRIS-2635] - Stopping dialogue on Live Version also stops dialogue on Test Version

  • [IRIS-2637] - Dialogue Promotion not completing as expected

  • [IRIS-2640] - Deployment says it's running but workflow is not responding.