Getting started with Web Chat, how to embed it, use the API and style it to match your brand.

Web Chat makes available another channel your omni-channel, real-time customer conversations accessible on a website property.

Web Chat Fundamentals


Web Chat is a flexible implementation with different components that can be styled and are accessible through an API.

📑 Understand the different Web Chat Components: Web Chat Components

📑 Follow this guide to style your Web Chat: Styling Web Chat

📑 How to use the Web Chat API: Web Chat API Reference

Dialogue Relationship

A Web Chat instance will be linked to either the Test or Live environment for a Dialogue on the Launch Pad. For a Web Chat to function, the Dialogue it is linked to must be in a Running state.

Display Modes

Web Chat has two way of rendering in a website, Inline or Floating. The mode Web Chat operates is define in the Embed Configuration.

Embedding Web Chat

To embed Web Chat on our website property there are two pieces of code required, a Header and Body snippets.

📑 Follow this guide to embed Web Chat: Embedding Guide